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. you're watching the station that works for you, abc 2 news at 11:00. . how could she have died? one of the first things that came out of my mouth is how could she have died. >> out of tragedy one family's mission to save other young lives threatened by drugs or alcohol. it's as simple as picking up the phone and making a call. good evening, i'm quellly swoope. we'll have much more on that story coming up in a minute. but, first, baltimore county police want you to take a close look at this man. 46-year-old alex michael simms of parkville. he confessed to sexually abusing a young girl and they fear there may be more victims. cheryl connor is following is investigation, she joins us from police headquarters in towson. what do you have for us. >> reporter: we know alex simms was a volunteer coach at a catholic school which game have gave him frequent contact with
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young kids, now we're hoping they have a conversation with their children to encourage other possible victims to come forward. baltimore county police say a 9- year-old girl was sexually abused by this man, alex simms was a volunteer assistant soccer coach at the catholic church on harford road. they say the abuse happened off school property. >> he went to his home, played video games with his kids, sat in his lap, he abused her. he has admitted to sexually abusing this young lady. >> investigators say the abuse happened at least twice last summer but the girl waited until last month to tell a family member. she watched the video in school educating children about apuce and then felt comfortable talking. >> it's a way of helping children understand that in something like this is happening it's not appropriate and how to tell someone about that. >> reporter: now police hope the conversation continues at
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home. simms also participated in two cub scout troops, one from st. ursula and another from st. joseph's catholic church until 2005. and police fear there could be more victims. linda gettier had a conversation with her two daughters after a similar situation at their school. >> i said "honey, you know how it's supposed to spiel when you talk to someone who has faith with you and talking to you honestly" it's supposed to feel good. if you have a conversation with a adult and it doesn't feel good something is wrong." >> a spokesman for the archdiocese says simms paled the background check but, according to police, that didn't keep him from acting inappropriately. >> you don't know who you know and who you don't know. say it anyway. have a conversation. . alexander simms is charged with third degree sex offenses, released from jail after posting a $75,000 bond. tomorrow a letter will go home
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to parents at the two schools. live in towson, cheryl connor, abc 2 news. a father's quick thinking anna baltimore city police officer being at the right place at the right time prevented a tragedy. registered sex offender mike lee roy thomas was arrested sunday after he tried to abduct a 15-year-old girl on washington boulevard in west baltimore. the victim's father stopped the abduction and flagged down an officer who flagged the sucked until he was arrested at his home in glen okay. >> we just thank god, again, the father had the presence of mind that the daughter was alert enough and that the officer was in the right place at the right time and did the right thing afterwards and we've got this guy off the streets. >> now again, thomas is a registered sex offender with a long record of assaults, and sexual assaults, he is currently behind bars charged with assault in this case. and we want you to know that abc 2 is working for you. if you want to know if a sex offend service living in your neighborhood log into our web site and you'll
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find a link to the maryland sex offender registry. and tomorrow at 5:00, right here on abc 2, we're going to be joined by adam rosenberg. he is the executive director of the baltimore child abuse center. he is again a try to help us understand why we seem to be hearing so many of these types of stories. not only here in maryland, but also around the country. and, also, how you can approach this very difficult subject with your kids. that's tomorrow night at 5:00. right here on abc 2. . and we have an update now on that breaking news we brought you out of howard county earlier tonight. all lanes of southbound i-95 have re-opened after a deadly crash this afternoon, it happened around 5:00 at the exit for the howard county rest stop near laurel. state police say that a 70-year- old woman was killed when her car slammed in the back of a tractor-trailer. a month ten shall battle is shaping up tonight over a proposed walmart. it's really part of a larger
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development project in one baltimore city neighborhood. tony marcella has our report. . >> reporter: for kate country man the walmart now planned for the current site of anderson automotive is not a good yadier spite the promise of new jobs and local hires. >> what kind of jobs? yeah. but it's the same kind of stuff where beings like many of the national franchises, where most of the good tax money and good jobs are hired out from elsewhere and it doesn't really create good jobs for here. it's just a lot more minimum wage. >> she and other residents of the remington neighborhood in north baltimore rallied today outside city hall. the walmart would be part of a larger project called 25th street station. >> everything that we have heard the developer say and promise to us in these meetings, it's gonna create jobs, they are gonna have local hire, they are going to be sensitive to environmental concerns. none of this stuff actually exists in the put. >> reporter: city councilwoman linda conway represents the
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remington area and she sponsored the proposal for the development at top's city council meeting. she is more concerned about what would happen to the area if the project doesn't go through. >> you don't want any more vacant structures, houses or businesses, in the seventh district. we don't need any more in baltimore city but definitely not more in the seventh district. >> there is also things about crime, potential vacation dan see. they don't have a food record in the baltimore area in terms of keeping their stores occupied. >> reporter: to seizest concerns they want walmart to put in writing some of the promises they made as far as the number of jobs, quality of jobs, things like that. in the meantime the proposal is in committee so there is still time for residents to voice their concerns. tony marsala, abc 2 news. >> one thing, they will be moving out of the current location at the end of the year. investigators have found the excuse of the causes of the
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fire that scorched two buildings in downtown annapolis. they believe peter keller, the owner of the smoke shop, one of the two burned out businesses, his family rebuilt the store after it collapsed in 1988. when it was refurbished in 1990 they installed a sprinkler system. >> the sprinkler system didn't go off, it never got hot enough, but i think part tv reason they didn't is there is a two-hour fire wall on our side. so that helped prevent the fire from spreading further down the block. >> damage including upstairs apartments are set at about $250,000. well, an interesting day of weather across maryland. some sunshine out there, that was a good thing. also our temperatures getting a little milder than the way we finished up the weekend at least. clear skies tonight. man, i tell you, about as clear as it gets on an april night, should stay nice and dry through the overnight period right in the day tomorrow. a few more clouds possibly by tomorrow afternoon, temperatures this evening
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cooling off rapidly. 49 at bwi, 59 in frederick, but not as frigid as the night times during the weekend. 42 or so by daybreak. we'll stay nice and clear by the northwest breeze tapering off. big changes, april showers are going to be back in the mix, we'll show you exactly when coming up. the kelly. >> the latest now in that deadly shooting involving students at frostburg university, the glen burnie man is now claiming self defense. tyrone hall told police the two had come to his off cam us pus home around 4:00 sunday morning following the alleged assault of a woman at a party earlier this the night. police say hall shot both men in the stomach with a 12 gauge shotgun. 20-year-old brendan kill was killed, 20-year-old ellis hartridge of washington, d.c. is expected to recover. a candlelight vigil is planned
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for tomorrow night in memory of brandon carroll. tonight we now know the name of a man whose body was found in the inner march bore. his body was found in the 1700 block of fame street and bell point. police are investigating the excuse and circumstances of his death. . a deadly shooting spree outside a tennessee hospital, this story tops our look at other news from around the nation. >> reporter: the nashville police chief says one woman has died and another wounded when a man opened fire outside a hospital before taking his own life. all of the victims were women and all are current or former employees of parkridge medical center. still no word on the possible motive but police don't believe the shooter worked at the hospital. . the wiz says president barack obama will deliver a you low yi for the 29 miners
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killed in the mine explosion. the sky reopen in europe with the first flights taking off since iceland's volcanic eruption last week. tens of thousands of passengers on both sides of the atlantic now hope they can finally get to where they are going after being forced to spend days camped out on cots inside airports. >> i slept on the floor. >> have you had a shower? >> no. >> no shower. >> reporter: tough huh. >> it's really hard because we didn't have extra money to take in a hotel reservation. >> reporter: starting tomorrow europe will be divided into three zone, open skies, a caution zone where some flights will be permitted, and a much smaller no-fly zone than we have seen in recent days t digs to begin flying again came after several european carriers carried out test flights in the volcanic zone and reported no problems. and toyota has ordered recalls of nearly 10,000 lexus
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suvs for possible roll-over dangers. dealers will update software in the stability control system of the 2010gx460. the auto maker has also agreed to a record $16 million fine for a slow response in its broader earlier recall. they lost their 16-year-old daughter to the drug ecstasy. but these parents are moving beyond their grief hoping to save other young lives. tonight we'll show you how. and high hopes or deep denial for baltimore's inner harbor. can you imagine going for a swim? maybe an eye idea on one of those hot sum every days kelly. seasonal, mid-60s, we'll talk about where the temperatures head for the rest of the week after this. . >> when you have had a sequence of storms and someone has been tracking you over the past couple of years, and following everybody else, it's nice to be
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. r. excessive alcohol consumption coupled with illegal drug use is responsible for over 298,000 emergency room visits each year for people under the age of 21. now according to experts an area of major concerns, teens and young adults not stemming in when friends are in trouble. now as abc 2 news tells us there is a grassroots organization hoping to change that. >> reporter: not a day goes by when pat and lisa mccarthy don't think about their 16-year- old daughter danielle and wonder what if. >> she could have called me. i would have come picked her up. it would have been so simple. no one would have been in trouble. >> reporter: but no one called and danielle died. according to court documents she had been given ecstasy and asked friends to get her help
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but was denied. she had a seizure and eventually died at a friend's home. >> the morning we found out she had died we couldn't understand. we were wondering how could she have died and the first thing that came out of my mouth was all her friends died. >> reporter: unfortunately that's not always the case. that's why danielle's family launched a non-profit organization called "friends don't let friends die." >> our goal is to stop that and to educate preteens, teenagers, young adults, even parents, on the importance of picking up a phone, making the phone call, saving another person's life. >> reporter: the web site is designed to attract kids with rap music and information aimed at preventing another tragedy. the federal government is also working to raise awareness. frap assistant harding with the substance abuse and mental held services says it's clear what's holding a lot of kids back. >> they are scared of getting in trouble. so what we try to do is teach young people that you have to get beyond that because this is serious and help them see the
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warning signs of when to really be concerned. >> reporter: it's a lesson this father agrees needs to be taught to kids today. >> they are probably lying because they tend to protect each other. it's one of those unwritten rules for kids yeah when dave barber's 16-year-old son was late after a night out with friends he got on the phone to try to track him down. >> well when we talked to the kids on the phone they were giving us inconsistent stories as to where he had last been seen. >> reporter: according to a police report the teens lied about drinking alcohol and claimed to have walked his son part way home. barber says the lies meant wasted time. he was eventually found a half mile from home and near death. now, fully recovered, he didn't want to appear on camera but his father is sharing their story. >> he went through a long year of recovery and he is in good shape now and we're the luckiest family. >> reporter: the mccarthy's their story had a happy ending. it's been three years since danielle died.
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since then their organization has reached thousands with the message that saving a life can be as easy as dialing 911. >> help is on the way. that's the message that 911 will give you. they'll send help, consequences later will be nothing compared to if you have walked away and left a person die. >> reporter: according to court documents the friend could gave danielle mccarthy the ecstasy tablet was found guilty of controlled substance homocide and second degree manslaughter and was sentenced to stay behind bars until she turns 21. brian cube letter, abc 2 news. april is alcohol awareness month, the federal government is organizing more than 2,000 town hall meetings across the country this month to sound the alarm and raise awareness. baltimore's city council president wants to crackdown on bad behavior linked to drinking by raising fines. jack young wants to target quality of life offenses related to being drunk in
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public, especially in neighborhoods like federal hill and bell's point. he says the fines in place now are just not enough of a deterrent. >> it's not the impact of going out and having a good time at the clubs and the bars; it's saying come and have a good time but be responsible in these communities in these communities. >> young's proposal would hike the fine from open container violations from $50 to 500 and the fine for public urination would go from 150 to $750. and mayor stephanie rollins blake continues the push to make baltimore cleaner and greener. today the mary leased a report on the city's sustain ability efforts. they have stepped up the recycling program and is planting more trees but lit erring still remains a problem and the waterways, rather, remain too dirty for swimming.
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and speaking of which, would you go into the harbor for a swim? well the waterfront partnership wants to make that a reality within a decade? the non-profit group wants to make the harbor safe for fishing and swimming saying a similar turn around has already taken place in chicago. right now the city's health department recommends against swimming anywhere in the harbor because of the risk of disease. . now the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> we know where to go. >> ten years you no, a little bit each year, i think it could happen. you have to have an area out of the boat traffic though for one thing. >> yes. >> kelly, not the warmest day today but we recovered some from that chill this weekend. >> yeah. mid-60s -- >> not bad. we're going to hover closer to 70 all week long but bring the showers back in the picture. april we knew was coming at some point. >> right. >> let's take a look at the
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outside right now, 49 degrees right now, wind calm and barometer holding at 30.01 and steady conditions right now. i want to show you, from today, man it was nice this afternoon. blue skies, had a couple of high, thin clouds but none towards sunset tonight. beautiful sunset. sunset getting later and later, we're at about 7:489 right now so getting closer to that 8:00 p.m. mark, beautiful sunset down in washington as well. pollen tracker, if you have been suffering there's reason. tree pollen near record levels right now, maple, oak and ash the big concerns but a moderate grass pollen count out there right now. so tough times for allergy sufferers in those two categories. we've got temperatures in the mid-60s, to 70s, i think they did squeak out a 70, but most did stay in the mid-60, temperatures are dropping off but not as precip to usually as it did yesterday. 49 getting cooler and cooler,
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we'll drop in by daybreak tomorrow. five sweep showing all clear right now. that should continue to be the case for about another 24 to 36 hours. at the moment we've got clear skies across the entire state from frostburg back to ocean city. that will begin to change as this disturbed weather pattern gets its act together. we have already got two acts of rain beginning to develop across the lower midwest, light showers now but picking up in intensity. one more day, high pressure will influence, keeps the skies partly to mostly sunny, into the day tomorrow, lots of sunshine, that storm to the south will begin to get its act together. i think it will hold off tomorrow and even tomorrow night but into the day wednesday, especially wednesday afternoon, that's when we could begin to pepper a few showers. if you look out here to the west this area of cloud cover, our next weather system, that will bring us rain, probably this weekend. sad to say. so warmer ricci end next
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weekend but maybe some rain in the mix. overnight tonight 42, mostly clear, little bit of a school north breeze dying off. i think the winds are only about 5 miles per hour right now. tomorrow mostly sunny, a little bit warmer, 2-degree guarantee of 68 at the airport, downtown we could hit 70 or so there. seven-day forecast looking ahead to wednesday, seeing a temperature of about 65 or so because we're going to bring the rain in that afternoon. showers continue thursday. dry out toward friday. then our next weather system looks like it does move in for the weekend. we'll see how that unfolds a little later this week. kelly. >> thanks ryan. immortality of sorts for maryland governor martin o'malley, for his service as baltimore mayor, his portrait now hanging along the city for the mayors. before mayor stephanie rollins blake did the introduction she had a little fun with the governor. . governor, last week i thought about calling you for advice as i started to unveil
11:23 pm
my comprehensive plan to deal with the budget. but then i remembered you're experience with all the surpluses you might not have something to tell me. because you didn't know it was a roast? >> o'malley was elected mayor in 1999 and then elected governor in 2006. well the nfl draft is thursday night but tomorrow is also a big day for ravens fans. we'll learn who those ravens rookies will be facing in their first season. this story and much more coming up in the press box report. >> storm gear and promotional consideration provided by l.l. bean. ♪
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. press box sports report presented by mr. basement. . >> this is joe play tan i don't with your press box sports report. a week and a half later
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tomorrow is finally the day the regular season schedule will be released. fans are particularly anxious to see when the ravens will be playing the steelers. they are faced with the prospect of playing without quarterback ben roethlisberger. he could be suspended for one or more games by commissioner goodell. when he missed the matchup last year the ravens ended up winning. yahoo sports is reporting than any disciplinary action is expected to be handed out sometime this week. the orioles west coast trip will continue in seattle next week as starter david hernandez takes the mound in the middle game of a three-game set. it's one of the games that will begin at 10:00 p.m. eastern time or later. the orioles split their six games at safeco field last year. the press box, latest on the o's, the draft plans and more, i'm joe pli tan i don't with the latest sports press box report.
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. tomorrow on "good morning maryland" it's an organization that gives homeless kids new hope. how volunteers in baltimore will begin their street outreach in baltimore city. i'm jamie costello. we'll have that story on "good morning maryland." . [wind rustling]
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you by term necks. power over pests. all right. one more check of the seven-day forecast. one silver lining here, if you didn't like the scold snap this weekend i don't see any snaps of cold air but we do have showers pack in the mix beginning wednesday and then early thursday, another round comes in saturday and sunday. we'll keep ow posted on that weekend forecast. >> thursday and friday looking like sunshine. >> yeah, a little sun in here. >> all right. that's it for us. have a good night. [ female announcer ] you know the feeling.
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